Bass fishing in South Florida

Bass fishing in South Florida is a fun adventure. Nearly all streams, rivers, lakes, etc have peacock bass, smallmouth bass, largemouth, black bass, and related freshwater fish. The bass derived from Northern America, yet large bass is found in southern areas. The popular sport that takes place in Florida is game fishing, which occurs in streams, rivers, lakes, Everglades, etc.

The largemouth bass is one of the anglers’ favorite freshwater game-fishing experiences. Largemouth put up a struggle when hooked, which makes them a pleasure to catch. The largemouths have black to green colors, and lateral lines that extend behind the rear eye. The sunfish group, such as the largemouth bass is sometimes called big mouth, lineside, or black bass. The black bass is also Northern species or game fish. The black bass is referred to as a Genus from the Micropterus family.

Along the rivers, lakes, etc around south Florida are the peacock bass. The male peafowl has crested heads and large fan-shaped tails. Peacock bass has pleasing body colors, which include blue and green specks, or spots. The peacocks, like largemouth, are aggressive species. Peacock females and males are caught around Florida, which the fish come from the family of Cichlids.

How to choose fishing cycles

The best time to fish in Florida is during fall, summer, etc. May and February are great months to catch the large butterfly bass.

Florida has a selection of barracuda, amberjacks, bass, striped bass, bluefish, bonefish, largemouth, smallmouth, and related fish. The record for bass fishing in Florida is superb. To help you see how productive bass fishing is in Florida, we can consider the largest catch.

Amberjacks largest pounds listed at 142. The largest striped bass weighed 33 pounds and 2 ounces. The fish was caught in Tallahassee. The largest black bass caught at Panama City weighed 5 pounds and 1 ounce. The barracuda caught at Islamorada weighed 67 pounds. Along Jensen Beach, the largest bluefish weighed 22 pounds and 2 ounces. Catfish are often found around Sebastian, which the record fish weighed 3 pounds and 5 ounces.

In Southern parts of Florida, you may want to visit Lake Harris down around Tavares. The citrus trees are saturated, which in the structure are bodies of hiding fishing holes. Lodges are around the area for your convenience, as well as RV parks, and huge cottages. At the back of the lodging grounds around Tavares, you will notice thousands of acres of water, which is actually situated in Central regions of Florida.

Lake Harris however is a popular trophy bass region, which anglers join here to catch bluegill, shellcracker, specks, and a selection of bass. Crappie, shellcracker, large bass, and bluegill are also popular down around Lake Okeechobee. Like the bass, anglers enjoy shellcracker, since these fish put up an amazing resistance. The shellcracker are large also. Stump knockers, chinquapin, and yellow beam are also present at these waters. The sunfish grow up to 10-inches.

Peacock is another favorite game fish. The game fish is a member of Cichla orinocensis family. In short, the fish is categorized as freshwater Cichlid species. South America is where the fish originated, yet you will find the species in various areas around Florida, Singapore, and so on. The sub-specie to peacock is the butterfly peacock. The speckled peacock is another member of this species. Peacock, including the butterfly and speckled peacock are fighters, which attract anglers as that of the bass.

Throughout Florida, you will discover many lakes, ponds, rivers, streams, canals, etc. The popular lakes include Harris Chain, Butler Chain, Ocklawaha Chain, Kissimmee Chain, Lake Toho, etc, which are popular tourney grounds. The tourney grounds are popular since some of the largest crappie and largemouth swim through these waters. Florida’s Harris Chain circles nine-lakes, which is also one of the larger fishing grounds. Redear sunfish, sunshine bass, bluegill, and crappie are found at Harris Lake, in which the waters were nominated by the Wildlife Commission as the top fishing arena. Sunshine bass, also called stripers and rockfish originate from Northern regions, yet the fish are hunted as game fish in Florida. The sunfish are Morone Saxatilis family members, and often the fish have elongate strips along the sides of its body.

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